Map of the campsite

On the site map of the campsite you can see where the different facilities lie on the site.

Maximum 70 meters from a place to a toilet building. In low season perhaps a bit more. Or what about a place with your own bathroom?

Søndervig Camping lies in a summerhouse area close to the holiday resort Søndervig and the North Sea.

The driveway is closed with a barrier in the night.
The children can safely go to the playground or to the shop for some sweets or an ice-cream.

Remember that we have places where you can get your own bathroom.

The bathroom lies right next to your caravan, tent or camper and you can leave all your toilet utensils in the bathroom during your stay. It is only your family who uses the bathroom and it does not cost a lot.

Click on the map to download the review of the site in PDF format


Gå ikke glip af rabatter,
arrangementer og anden nyttig viden :-)