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Mostly for the children

At Søndervig Camping it is important that the children are having a good time, feeling safe and happy. The children can safely go to the playground or to the shop for an ice-cream.

The playground

You and your children have gone to the playground. If you go home for a cup of coffee the children can still play safely alone on the playground. They have a lot of fun on the bouncy cushions. The smallest children jump on the small bouncy cushion, while the bigger children challenge themselves and others on the big bouncy cushion. Your will hear the children shout and laugh a lot. Fun at the playground

The children swing really high on the swings and children whiz down the slide. In the sandpit children are busy digging and enjoying it and children are climbing like spiders on the climbing frame. In our low season we have two small football goals on the campsite and a lot of goals are scored on our small ball pitch. Fun at the playground. 

Nice to know

Playroom: In our living room we have arranged a small corner with toys for children. Games are played, books are read, play with Dublo and Lego – imagination is used.

Nursing room: For the smallest ones we have arranged a nursing room at the camping site. Here the children can have a nice bath in a red car-bathtub or in an ordinary bathtub. There is also a small toilet for children and nappy changing table.

Outdoor game: Visit the reception and borrow different kinds of outdoor games e.g. Pétanque, Stilts, Mikado, Croquet etc.

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