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Rent you private bathroom

Do you know the feeling?

Maybe you have tried to reach the bathroom, have taken all your clothes off and are ready for a bath but find out that you have forgotten your towel in your caravan so you have to put on your clothes again.

Or you have to go to the toilet during the night and have to find a torch and go out to find the toilettes.

It would also be nice to rinse the sand and salt off your body after a trip to the beach, but all the other campers have the same idea about the same time

Treat yourself
and your family

  • The bathroom is next to your caravan, tent or auto camper

  • The bathroom is heated in spring and autumn
  • You do not have to share the bathroom with other campers 

  • You can use all the time you want in the bathroom 

  • It is easy and convenient – especially if you have children with you

  • The price of your private bathroom is modest and worth the money

  • Endcleaning can be booked – DKK 250 – please let us know latest by arrival.