The North Sea – through the heather – over the dunes

The last rows of dunes lie only 10 minutes walk from Søndervig Camping. From here you have a fantastic view over the North Sea and the endless long beaches.

Here you can feel nature
In the summer, where there is a light wind. In the fall, where there can blow a fresh wind. Each season has its own charm. But one thing is certain: The forces of nature, sun, wind, presence with the family, making you return to everyday life with new strength and energy.

Walk on the path past the heather, the rose bushes and up over the dunes. Ups did you tread on sea grass. Sea grass sticks in the feet. Feel the soft sand on the way up to the top of the dune where you can see the North Sea. Big, pretty and roaring. Often many waves, but it can also be calm.

On the beach at the North Sea in Søndervig there is plenty of space.
Even on a warm and sunny day in July there is plenty of space to enjoy the lovely summer weather. The water is nice for a bathing trip and the suns beams warm you.

The children can spend lots of time building fantastic sand castles, playing with kites, playing ball, finding nice stones and seashells. Only imagination limits your beach activities at the North Sea.

Spring, summer and autumn.
Every season has its charm. The North Sea has many faces and in autumn a trip to the beach is nice because you can feel the wind in your hair, the sand between your teeth and the thoughts fly around like the foam from the waves.

When you get back from the beach to Søndervig Camping you will feel the peace and you will enjoy your time together. Maybe you turn on the barbeque and in the evening you listen to the quieter sounds from all the other guests.

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