Søndervig Camping

Søndervig Camping is perfectly situated for a trip to the North Sea. It’s only 600m or 0.65mi to the beach, and the same distance to Søndervig. So a walk in the dunes, along the beach, and shopping in Søndervig’s cosy streets is easily combined.

Søndervig has a large selection of shops, restaurants, and activities for all shapes and sizes. And there’s lots to do in the local area, both culture-, sports-, and food-wise.

Søndervig Camping provides you with a safe haven where you can rebuild your energy –both physically and mentally. Here you’ll get the chance to enjoy some time with your family and friends, peace and quiet, and the good life.

Gå ikke glip af rabatter,
arrangementer og anden nyttig viden :-)