Søndervig Camping
v/ Lise og Robert Kroning

Solvej 2, Søndervig
DK-6950 Ringkøbing

Tel: +45 97 33 90 34
Mail: post@soendervigcamping.dk

56° 06′ 42,6” N og 8° 07′ 02,2” Ø (degrees, minutes, seconds)
56,11184° N og 8,11729° Ø (decimal degrees)

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Opening hours
Søndervig Camping is in 2020 open from April 3 until October 4.

The reception is open from mid-June until mid-August and on holidays every day from 8.00 to 21.00.

We have different opening hours in the low season, but you can always check in on Søndervig Camping between 8.00 and 21.00 even though the reception is closed.

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