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Get on your bike by the North sea and Søndervig

Søndervig Camping is a great starting point for cycling tours in this area, which offers many beautiful trips through the many beauty spots here; and to both Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing.

Bike ride in our great nature

On you bike to Hvide Sande
On your bike to Hvide Sande through a beautiful dune landscape. Along the route, you can take a break at Nr. Lyngvig Fyr. From the top of this lighthouse, you can enjoy the view of the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. At Hvide Sande there’s a unique harbour milieu, where you can watch the fishing boats land the catch of the day or visit one of the restaurants here to try out one of their numerous seafood dishes. 

On your bike to Ringkøbing
Go to Ringkøbing along the fjord and experience the beautiful nature and tranquillity on that route. The bike path along the fjord from Søndervig to Ringkøbing is, by the way, Denmark’s oldest bike path, which was constructed in 1920. Maintaining this bike path was originally financed by demanding a toll. On a regular Sunday in September in the 1920s, 600 bicyclists would pass the toll house. Of course, today this bike path is free of charge.

Ringkøbing is the oldest town in this area and one of Denmark’s best kept market towns. Here, you can go for a stroll through the cosy cobble-stone streets with their beautiful old and well-kept houses. During summer you’ll get to meet the city watch on their evening rounds, where they sing their goodnight watchers’ songs.

Bike ride across Ringkøbing Fjord
Starting this year, you can cycle across Ringkøbing Fjord along a very beautiful route. This bike path has been established at the northern part of the fjord. There you can cross the fjord via the remains of the dam Bagges Dæmning, which has now become a bike path with two bridges.

Cykeltur til Bagges Dæmning

Bicycle tour for bird enthusiast
If you are a bird enthusiast, a trip to Vest Stadil Fjord is a must. Here, you’ll find a much diversified bird population with pink-footed geese by their thousands, when they, in the spring and autumn, migrate to their breeding grounds at Svalbard. You can also spot ducks, shore birds, swans, and graylag and barnacle geese here. Vest Stadil Fjord isn’t really a fjord, but freshwater lake surrounded by meadows, reed forests, and grain fields. This area is open and flat and there’s a great panoramic view here.

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