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Own caravan, tent or camper

At Søndervig Camping you will find a tranquil oasis, where you can relax away from the daily routine. Relaxing at Søndervig Camping. The camping site is well sheltered from the west wind even though the site lies close to the North Sea. And walking distance to Søndervig.

Time to relax and enjoy life? Visit Søndervig Camping .

Why choose Søndervig?

Søndervig Camping is perfectly situated for a trip to the North Sea. It’s only 600m or 0.65mi to the beach, and the same distance to Søndervig. So a walk in the dunes, along the beach, and shopping in Søndervig’s cosy streets is easily combined.

Spring, summer, and autumn – every season has its charm. The North Sea appears in many different ways. It is nice to go to the beach and feel the wind in your hair, the sand between your toes and your thoughts fly around as the foam from the waves.