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Experience Søndervig

Søndervig – the gate to the North Sea – is a relaxed holiday resort with lots of possibilities for activities and shopping
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Søndervig – a cosy seaside town 

Søndervig is only a short walk from Søndervig Camping
On your trip through the summer house area towards Søndervig you can see many Danish flags. You can hear them in the wind. You can probably also hear the roar from the North Sea.

The old seaside resort Søndervig is full of life and relaxing holiday atmosphere. Søndervig has been known and loved as excursion and holiday resort back to the beginning of the 1800s. Still more and more sought refuge in wreck farms which previous only had lived from the right to wreckage and as short-term stay pensions for stranded seamen.

Today Søndervig is a relaxing holiday resort with many activities all year round. Søndervig has many exciting shops which have longer opening hours. 

Get inspired

In Søndervig you also find all kinds of places to eat.
No matter if you want a quick burger, a warm pizza, a gourmet 5 course dinner or you just want a foaming mug ice cold draft beer, then it is possible in Søndervig.

Many experiences and sights in and around Søndervig. 
The biggest is right outside the door. That is the magnificent and unique nature full of good experiences. 

Visit Søndervig and Visitvesterhavet for inspiration for your stay at the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord.